About Akshat Capital Services

About Akshat Capital Services

Our Company’s total commitment is for client ultimate satisfaction. There is no big or small client for us. Every client is a big client here. And our entire energy is directed to provide best possible services and utmost satisfaction to our clients, in order to make them winner in the end. As we are more than sure, that with the progress and prosperity of our client, the progress and prosperity of our company is by itself assured. We visualize the growth prospects of our clients and our company in tandem.

By having firm belief in “sharing and caring”, we are trying our best to maintain and to be on the platform of high values and principles of dividing the gains and riches the company attain, with its client base. That is the win-win situation for both of us, the best situation for one and all, all the times.

So come, join and flourish
Here comes the open invitation for one and all
The new journey is about to begin, and do not miss the chance
Come on, ride and become a partner in the success and growth of our company

That is be a winner. The formula of winning on the roll


Our company’s motto is to provide the best services to its esteemed client base with minimal brokerage charges in the trade. We have developed better customer relationship management through quality services, making no difference between big and small and our qualitative high net worth individuals – treating all alike.

Our Services Include :
•  Trading on Commodity Exchanges.
•  Franchises Business.
•  On line trading facilities at your doorstep.
•  Tele trading facilities.

In the times of Diminishing / Falling Returns from Bank Deposits, FDR’S and vagaries of the shares and stock markets, to add commodities to your portfolio of equities, bonds and the rest is justified from the following facts :
•  The risk adjusted returns of a portfolio comprising commodities can be better than a purely equity or bond portfolio.
•  Commodity Market has little co-relation with the equity and bond markets, which makes it a good hedge against any down turn in the later two.
•  Gold is the top most inflation hedger for centuries, purchased uniformly throughout the world and occupying prominent place in the commodities market segment.

Analyst View
Our technical analysists remain in touch with prominent Agri Commodities Market / Mondis and build close relationship with the prominent dealers There to keep abreast with latest going on in the market. It forms a vital component of the information, enabling our investors base to achieve superior results. The scope and depth of our research activities are continuously being enhanced with exacting guidelines that minimize subjective judgement, providing greater transparency and ensure our investor, a competitive advantage / edge.